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The Art of Public Speaking - Free 2 Hr Seminar (In Person)

Ready to up your skills as a Public Speaker and get even better at motivating, engaging, persuading and educating other people?

RSVP to Register Today for Ariel’s Bonafide Speaker Training and watch your

confidence soar to unimaginable heights.

Whether you’re trying to enhance your professional growth, take your business to the next level, or you just want to be able to inspire, motivate and persuade other people to follow your lead, Ariel’s training will teach you how best to convey your ideas in front of a group of people in a clear, concise and articulate manner.

The lessons, tips and strategies you will learn in this training will help you in the boardroom, at a dinner party or in front of a crowd of thousands.


The training will take place in a beautiful location in Dunwoody (with plenty of free parking)

Begin your journey to mastering the art of public speaking.

Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectivelyGerald R. Ford

Learning to speak effectively in public holds too many practical benefits for the speaker far beyond delivering a project presentation or delivering a successful meeting.


You’ll be glad you took the opportunity when you did. What to expect when you sign up for this training:

  • You will learn how to use “The Speech Map Instant Content Creator” to design presentations very quickly, in as little as 30-45 min
  • You will learn how to use storytelling, statistics, case studies, and analogies to make your presentations more captivating
  • You’ll also learn how to open effectively, build credibility, deliver quality content and close in a powerful, persuasive way
  • You’ll learn how to engage your audience like a pro. Understand key strategies that you can adopt to make your audience feel like they’re a part of the presentation. (Both in person and virtual techniques)
  • You will be taught how to break into professional speaking even without any prior experience and start getting booked as a professional speaker
  • You will also be taught how to find highly targeted & qualified traffic to fill up your live events
  • This training also entitles you to a live Q & A session with Ariel where he’ll answer all
  • your questions and provide customized solutions for your unique situation.


Hear from our attendees

Awesome awesome workshop!!! Very glad that I attended and I am looking forward to the class.


Very informative. Can't believe how much we learned in such a short time. Ariel is definitely a knowledgeable Public Speaking Coach. Looking forward to much more.

John McCullough

I had a great time! I am glad my friend invited me.

Angelic Muhammad

It was a very inspiring and fun meeting!


Great Workshop!! I look forward to the additional training. Ariel is an exciting sincere Coach and it was a great pleasure to experience.

Antuan Lowe

I really enjoyed this workshop! It was worth the long drive for me..


Not only did I learn, I enjoyed myself very much as well. Mr. Ghinga, is an inspiration and a very professional instructor.

A. Rendon

This meet up was worth every minute. Ariel is a awesome. He is an effective teacher and gave excellent pointers to get me from stage fright to spotlight. Thanks Ariel!


I really enjoyed this workshop! It was worth the long drive for me..

Bruce RosarioT

I really enjoyed this workshop! It was worth the long drive for me..


One of the best meet ups I have ever been to. Very simple action items for me to put into place today!

Rayann Larsen

really great info!!!
glad i'm here!

Dawn Rae


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