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Akhilesh Parashar

While going through our training, Akhilesh got a promotion, doubled his salary, and became a published author. He now commands that executive presence every time he presents! While going through our training, Akhilesh got a promotion, doubled his salary, and became a published author. His book, Scarcity to Abundance, is filled with gems and stories that everyone can benefit from. He now commands that executive presence every time he opens his mouth!

Georgette Bleu

After a few months of Georgette joining our group classes, senior leadership noticed such a profound difference in her communication skills that they decided to promote her to a Category Manager position. They also asked her to create training modules and help out with the training needs of her organization.

Michael Cahill

Michael Cahill attended many executive communication courses at the corporate level, which gave him a chance to compare and contrast. He told us that our content was so unique and the "best I've seen" on the topic of public speaking and communication skills.

Adrian Wells

When Adrian evaluated our training, she told us that she's taken a speaker program before but unfortunately did not get good results. She had a vision of doing real estate seminars but didn't know where to start. We helped her find FREE venues, fill up the room for FREE with targeted traffic and prepare her seminar. The event was so profitable that she wound up taking her new "hit" seminar on the road and changing many lives in the process.

Sucess Stories Compilation

In this video, you're seeing a compilation of different clients reclaiming their power and developing unstoppable self-confidence. Some of the participants from this video wound up creating multiple books, which is a unique process we teach in our classes, without the need to write a single word! We've also had participants from this video create their very own online courses, another cool concept taught in our programs, at no additional charge.

Rashad Lashley

Rashad is a force for good, inspiring young football players to become the best version of themselves, both on and off the field. We helped him uplevel his platform skills and then created a demo video that he now uses to get booked and speak at more events. The video creation process is a part of our program, and is included at no additional charge!

David Yeoh

David Yeoh really excelled in our classes. He was already full of great content and high intellectual capacities. We helped him get over the jitters and become a more confident version of himself. The end result: every time he spoke, people were glued to his every word. His charisma could be seen before he even opened his mouth, a true rock star in the making!

Dr. Chris Michelle Jones

We helped Dr. Chris Jones polish her skills and start putting on her own seminars. She told us she was tinkering around with the idea for years. We helped her overcome the obstacles and turn her vision into reality, within a few months! Dr. Chris Jones's ability to tell stories was perfected in the course. She is one of the best storytellers to ever walk our campus.

Jaye Budd

When Jaye came to us, he had a vision of merging his talent to sing into his talks. We helped him chisel his presentation until it was perfect. After we polished the presentation, we created a demo video that he now uses to speak to different groups throughout Atlanta. His cause is also noble as he continues to help out our veterans through his nonprofit foundation.


Invest In Your People, Create New Leaders, And Help Your Business Thrive!

Communication runs the world: From getting the right coffee order in the morning to keeping your teams on track, every word you say can empower change, contribute to your success, and alter the outcome of your future.And whether you’re standing on a stage in front of thousands of people, trying to explain your point of view in a meeting, or giving a Thanksgiving speech at the dinner table, you need authority, presence, and clarity to get people to listen.

If you don’t have your heart and your mind backing up every statement, you’ll soon be ignored, brushed off, and never remembered.At Atlanta Public Speaking, we specialize in helping corporate professionals, organizations, and forward-thinking individuals nail their communication. How? Through refreshingly innovative training programs that can single-handedly take someone from having zero public speaking skills to being a professional speaker.


We Spark Change And Empower Business Leaders To Speak!

77% of the population have Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, and your team members won’t realize it until it’s time to step up and speak. Without leadership, communication, and authoritative speaking, teams will malfunction, stray away from their objectives, and never unlock the 100% of each individual member, or the team as a whole.

Our Atlanta Public Speaking interactive training have helped business owners, upper management, and corporate team members express their ideas with clarity, have confifidence in their own words, and lead their colleagues & customers in the right direction!We tackle the deep-rooted obstacles that cause anxiety and block your team members from getting their points across with authority. With those challenges out of the way, you can start building more inflfluential teams, increase productivity, and watch your business grow!


Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking And Express Yourself With Clarity!

We all know the feeling of floating onto a stage, feeling like your legs can’t carry you anymore, and that crack in your voice that only becomes present when you’re nervous: That’s where most successful public speakers started!If you struggle to make a point at work, or you’re looking to enhance your public speaking skills but don’t know how to get over that fear, Atlanta Public Speaking has got you covered.

We’ve developed a range of public speaking and communication training programs that offer customized approaches for people in unique situations. With Ariel’s help by your side, you’ll be able to stand in front of thousands, get them all to listen, and capture their minds for hours on end.

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Led by Ariel Ghinga, one of the world’s most sought-after public speaking trainers, Atlanta Public Speaking is a guiding light for everyone looking for the best public speaking training in the world.

Over the years, we’ve delivered over 300 programs to thousands of participants in corporations, small businesses, and individuals from all walks of life.

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Why Choose Atlanta Public Speaking?

There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.

With us, corporations and businesses can start to introduce proper communication and authoritative leadership into their corporate environment, empower their team members, and invest in their most prominent asset: Their people!

Our mission is to help your team members develop better presentations and interpersonal skills to make sure all team members are on the right track, land major deals, secure investments, and ignite inflfluence all across the board!

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