How to Acquire Stage Presence for Public Speaking


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How to Acquire Stage Presence for Public Speaking
How to Acquire Stage Presence for Public Speaking



Acquiring stage presence is a process that takes practice and patience. But you can speed it up with the right techniques and supportive public speaking coaches.

Do you want to leave your audience in awe of your presentation skills but don't feel you're there yet? Then it's time to work on your stage presence and ensure that it is captivating and supports your oral abilities.

That is especially important if you notice you're not fully present or struggle with anxiety and self-criticism when speaking in front of people. Establishing a better stage presence will also help you in job interviews, pitching ideas, or participating in a group conversation (including virtually).

Nearly every situation involving interaction with other people requires confident vocal delivery, eye contact, active listening, and positive body language. However, it becomes more challenging when you're ahead of multiple listeners, with all eyes on you.

That's when you might start focusing on your imperfections and looking for reasons you're not good enough. But these thoughts are only a product of fear and not having a confident stage presence.

After all, every speech (and interaction with others) is about sharing your ideas. Whether you're talking in front of your family or the leadership body, you should focus on expressing your thoughts and the value that brings to others.

Here's how to eliminate self-doubts and develop stage presence.

Top 3 Tips on Acquiring Stage Presence for Public Speaking and Meetings

1. Connect with your listeners

Performance plays a significant role in your speech, even though people often underestimate it. Your presentation can have substance and relevance, but if your presence lacks dynamism and energy, you could fail to engage your audience.

That also applies to academic and technical talks - you must show you're mentally, emotionally, and physically invested in what you're talking about if you want your listeners to care. Avoid reading from a paper or reciting your speech word for word; instead, move across the stage with purpose, be energetic, and back up your words with adequate body language.

As a result, your audience will connect with you and be interested in staying with you until the last phrase.

2. Be Fully Engaged in Your Talk

Consider what sparked you to choose this speech and what it's supposed to trigger in your listeners. Think of that when presenting, as that will continuously fuel your passion for the topic and transfer that energy to the people.

You must be fully engaged in your presentation and believe in your words because that's the best recipe to ooze with confidence. When people express their thoughts passionately and persuasively, it would be just as riveting to hear them talk over the phone; that's what your speech should achieve.

3. Think of your presentation as an experience for the audience

Public speakers feed on their audience's positive response, creating an electrifying atmosphere of mutual enjoyment. The best way to accomplish that is to think of your speech as an experience for your listeners because that's what it is.

They are not there only to listen but to see, learn, and leave potentially changed by your ideas, concepts, or discoveries. That's why this should also be more than a speech for you.

Imagine that you're talking with everyone from your audience in a private environment. Make eye contact, use your hands to emphasize your points, and keep a straight posture to signal you're not uncomfortable or afraid of your listeners.


Acquiring stage presence is a process that takes practice and patience. But you can speed it up with the right techniques and supportive public speaking coaches.

Our programs are structured to help you master your communication skills and body language, resulting in a better stage presence. Contact us to discover what training would best address your needs and challenges.