Bring Professional Public Speaking And Communication Training To Your Work Environment Remotely!

If you look at successful businesses, there’s one common attribute across all their systems: Education. Why? Because constant improvement increases employee retention, profits, and productivity!

At Atlanta Public Speaking we don’t let distance stand between your business and improving its employees, and provide you with virtual training opportunities to expand your business’s growth!


Experienced Public Speaking And Communication Expertise At Your Fingertips.

We have worked with individuals, business owners, and entire teams and departments completely remotely to help them improve their presentation skills and communication.

No matter the scale of your operations, your location, or your industry, we can provide virtual training opportunities and help you introduce education and constant improvement to your working environment.


Make Your Working Environment A Place Where Employees Find Growth!

With our help, your employees can grow and thrive inside the workplace, and start feeling like the value they bring to the table is now being returned to them in the shape of guidance and training.

This allows them to develop a deeper connection with your company, and gain the skills they need to improve their work, become more productive, and present their ideas in a clear, inspiring manner!


Here is from our attendees

“Ariel is a great teacher and classes are customized to individual needs. He is a good listener and Atlanta Public Speaking is a good course for an individual or team to take communication, presentation skills to next level. Virtual class experience is superb; instructor is organized and knowledgeable.”

Sangeeta Krishnan

“I had a work-related presentation that was due later in the week. Ariel worked with me 1:1 and listened to my entire presentation. I then practiced it several times while implementing his feedback. He also critiqued my PowerPoint and helped me improve my slides. When I delivered the presentation, upper management was very pleased and even said that my presentation should be the "Gold Standard" for how presentations should be done. I would highly recommend Ariel's coaching!”

Lori Josey

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